Zakheim continued

My grandparents left Russia in 1895 to escape the pogroms; the terror inflicted by the weak and cowardly Tsar Nicholas II onto the Jewish population of the “Pale”.
He would send his Cossack army into the villages to slaughter women and children, so my family escaped to London to work and make a safe life for their children and vowed never to speak Russian again.
He sent his only son to Harrow School where sadly he died of pneumonia aged 13, before his parents were even told he was ill. So another son – my father, was born. He was spoilt and doted on by his much older married sisters. They all lived off the family wealth in Mayfair, whilst my father was away in the RAF. He returned from the war as the “poor relation” to find very depleted family finances. His son ended up cleaning cars every weekend, having a junk shop, five fabulous children and sadly eventually a brain tumour. But I’m still going strong and opening new doors every day.

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One thought on “Zakheim continued

  1. lamar lentz

    Good to read that you are moving forward and opening new doors.

    Also, interested to read about your family and its noble story.

    And of course, about parts of your life and work. Just grateful that you got where you are and grateful that I and my friends got to know you and John and the great work of the shop with all its art work through the years. Thoughts and best to you. Lamar

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