With my illness people keep asking me if I have headaches or have lost my appetite or feel depressed . . .  Actually Life is great now..
If I look back to my childhood, I had a mother who never stopped talking drivel and would knit me the most awful nylon jumpers in garish colours to go to school in.  It was no wonder I felt a complete failure and was regularly bullied.  Fast forward through two marriages to the wrong women, so I should really be thoroughly depressed.

But,  having two wonderful daughters from those first two failed marriages and a fabulous third wife (and three more children who are my pride and joy) how can I be depressed when I have so much in my life that is wonderful ?

AND, what’s more I am now allowed to eat special low-carb bread, which Alix bakes daily and is utterly delicious!

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2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Kate Stanton

    Thanks Chris, I love the way you always say it as it is….there is always a silver lining to every cloud. You do have 3 wonderful daughters and 2 boys who have much of you in them. As for Alix, I know I am biased, but she is very special, and you make a great team. Keep blogging, great reading.

  2. Martin Bould

    Hi Chris.
    You deserve your rewards of business survival all these years and of course, your great family, because you have always been able to look on things positively and with humour.
    Thanks for your support of my career as an icon restorer for all those years – I would not have made it without you!
    All the best – looking forward to our next coffee in Paul’s.

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