Today was my regular monthly Monday at Charing Cross.  Had my usual blood test, (sadly still very squeamish – kept jumper over face) and then the standard meeting with a member of the “oncology” team.  I rarely get to see the head honcho (not a bad thing, since he is Mr Pessimistic Doom and Gloom); I am usually assigned to one of his minions who have the “why are we bothering treating this old person” face on.

But not today.   Today a young smiley doctor led us into his room and was utterly charming.  He listened to us and our thoughts and made useful positive comments.  What a change !  That made my day so much better as did my good blood test results.  In fact, so pleased was I that the wife and I celebrated with a full ketogenic breakfast in the hospital canteen.  Then – like many men my age, I headed off to urology where those tests were equally satisfactory.  No doctors succeeding in booking me in for a procedure on my ageing prostate –  delaying their desire for me to become incontinent, need a full time catheter and be unable to ever enjoy an erection again.

Obviously, with that news, we had to go back to the canteen to try out their lunch menu.

As for business, I received tons of interested emails about pieces in the shop as well as some emails from old customers  (who knew nothing about my problems).

All in all a good day.

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One thought on “Hospital

  1. Kate Stanton

    You really know how to celebrate with “the wife!” Full on ketone nic breakfast and lunch at Charing X ….celebrating your good day with you in Devon with something a little stronger. X

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